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If you've landed here, you've probably seen our newsletter and/or our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for helping Mo & The Accidental Baker scale up operations. If not, then please have a look at the video above where Mo tells all about her dream.


For all of you living in South Africa, we have created a slightly different & closer to home way in which you can support the bakery in exchange for a share of the bakery products.


We hope you find this endeavour as exciting as we do and want to become a part of our story by pledging towards the bakery and choosing one of our exclusive rewards below. After you have made your choice, click the fund2bake button to let us know which reward you prefer and we will get back to you on how you can make your donation and collect your reward. If you'd like to give but not receive, we'll express our gratitude by eternalizing you on our Founders Wall.






Rewards, bread subscriptions & experiences to choose from:


Bread & Butter     ZAR 200

Bread Card S

Your name will be on our wall of founders, plus 5 loaves of my sourdough bread are waiting for you at the new bakery as soon as we open the doors.


Another One Bites the Crust!     ZAR 500

Bread Card M    

You will receive your gift card good for 12 loaves of my sourdough bread of your choice fresh out of the oven, available for pickup at the bakery. Of course your name will appear on our wall of founders as a token of our appreciation.


Slice Slice Baby!     ZAR 1000

Bread Card L

For the real sourdough lover, we have this gift card good for 24 loaves of my sourdough bread, waiting for you at the bakery. Together with your first loaf, you will receive The Accidental Baker’s hand-printed reusable cotton Breadbag that you can bring along every time you stop by to collect your loaf of choice. Of course your name will appear on our founders wall.


A Loaf Changing Experience     ZAR 1500

The Accidental Baker’s Sourdough workshop

Mo will teach you all of the basics for baking sourdough bread, in a day’s workshop at the bakery in Calitzdorp. Go home with the Bread Bag, your baked bread, a sourdough starter & recipes to start baking from your own kitchen. Your name will be proudly added to our founder's wall.


Let’s have a Toast!     ZAR 2250

Get The Accidental Baker’s Bread Bag along with a bread subscription. For the whole year, you are welcome to pick up your bread of choice once every week at the bakery. We hope you’ll bring your bread bag to collect it in! You will be eternalised on our wall of founders.


Are You Bready to Party?     ZAR 4000

Let's do some serious baking together! 

You will receive an exclusive invitation for a sourdough bread baking class for you and 3 of your closest friends. We’ll have some of your freshly baked bread for lunch and you will go home with even more of those, a sourdough starter & recipes to start baking from your own kitchen. To celebrate your support you will be a cornerstone on our founder's wall!


The Best is yet to Crumb     ZAR 4500

Bread subscription for a year.

For the whole year you are welcome to pickup your bread of choice twice every week at the bakery. Together with your first loaf you will receive 2 hand-printed Karoo Zen Teatowels and of course The Accidental baker’s Bread Bag to bring along every time you stop by to collect your weekly loaves. Your name will be on founders wall to show our eternal gratitude!


Super Generous Dough-Nator     ZAR 6000

We will host you & your partner, and your 2 best friends for a 2 Night Stay at Lenies Hof.  2 of you will take part in a Sourdough Workshop while the others sleep in or explore the area. We’ll cook you a dinner accompanied by Lenies Hof wines and serve the farmer's breakfast basket every morning. Both couples receive our Karoo Zen Bread Bag & 2 Tea Towels. Your names will be on our wall of founders immortalizing your contribution!

The Accidental Baker Team
Sharing Real Bread
KarooZen Bread Bag
Sourdough Bread Workshop
KarooZen Tea Towels
Flour, Water, Salt
Stay@Lenies Hof
Reusable Bread Bag
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Successful crowdfunding is all about spreading the word! We'd be so grateful if you would share this page with your friends and family who are interested in sourdough bread, well-being and do-good; maybe they're also willing to help us take the bakery to the next level!

Ultimately, its all about sharing the love and passion for sourdough bread, so your contribution and all your support are hugely appreciated. 


From me and The Accidental Baker team, thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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